Go to School Part-Time

"Go to School Part-Time" submitted by SchoolGrantsfor Editorial Team and last updated on Thursday 21st July 2011

Many schools allow students to maintain "part-time" status, where they can take fewer classes so they can work to pay for tuition. Part-time -- especially a "less than half-time" status -- will have a very big impact on financial aid. The student's earnings will be considered in the assessment process and will reduce aid eligibility.

Your school's financial aid office can assist you in determining the impact of the student earning money. You might consider asking what impact making a certain dollar amount will have on the financial aid awarded. If your initial assessment leaves you with little or no financial aid, then a job may make sense for those families on tight budgets. If working makes sense for you, consider finding an employer with tuition assistance as part of its benefit package.

Tuition benefits are becoming quite popular in assisting employees with their education goals. If you require student loans, be sure to ask your student loan provider how different enrollment and out of school statuses impact your responsibility to repay your student loan.