Voluntary Education (VOLED) Programs for military personnel

"Voluntary Education (VOLED) Programs for military personnel" submitted by SchoolGrantsfor Editorial Team and last updated on Thursday 4th August 2011

The Voluntary Education (VOLED) Program provides off-duty educational opportunities integrating a variety of continuing education programs to military personnel seeking to enhance their professional and personal growth and developing a highly adaptable force; enabling career—long learning; and enhancing personal and professional development, recruitment and retention. VOLED provides Tuition Assistance, PACE, and ASLCs. It will also formulate ways to improve the effectiveness of the Navy’s VOLED services. VOLED supplements military training and allows Sailors to pursue college degrees of their choice. Funding for VOLED is $57.8 million in FY98. VOLED comprises three major instructional elements: Tuition Assistance, the Program for Afloat College Education (PACE), and the Academic Skills Learning Centers (ASLCs). Tuition Assistance covers 75 percent of tuition at colleges, universities, and other schools. The current cap is $2,500 for undergraduate college courses and $3,500 for graduate courses.

Education center counselors help military personnel explore non-traditional education options, such as obtaining college credit for military training and help to pursue independent study through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) programs. VolEd provide policy, program guidance, and resource oversight of off-duty, post-secondary programs to promote life-long learning for Service members and their adult family members.

The military personnel who participated in college VOLED have significantly higher reenlistment rates than nonparticipants. Thirty-one percent of Sailors with no college education reenlist. For those who earned college credits through VOLED, reenlistment rates are significantly higher. The low demotion rates of academic skills and college participants may partly reflect the high motivation of military personnel taking courses through VOLED.

Educational Programs:
High School Completion /Diploma; Academic Skills Program; Military Tuition Assistance (TA); Postsecondary Degree Programs: Traditional, Independent Study, and Distance Learning Programs; College Credit Examination Program; and Certification and Licensure Programs.