Direct Costs

"Direct Costs" submitted by SchoolGrantsfor Editorial Team and last updated on Thursday 26th May 2011

These are locked in costs that you pay directly to the school.

Tuition: Depending on the school you attend, your tuition (the cost of your classes) may be based on the number of credit hours you will take during an academic period. Other schools will base tuition on your enrollment status (full time vs. half time). If you are attending a state school, your residency will determine the tuition amount. Check with the Financial Aid or Admissions Officer or school brochures to get details.

Fees: Fees are for services other than academics that show up on your bill, such as student body activities, gymnasium use, and cable TV. They are extra expenses the college takes on to provide services for all students. All students share the cost of the expenses.

Room/Board: You may be required or choose to live on campus and eat in campus dining facilities. A variety of meal plans may be offered and costs may vary significantly, based on what plan you select. Parents may want to give consideration to this, as a meal plan at least guarantees your child will have a prescheduled opportunity to eat each day.