Disabled Students

"Disabled Students" submitted by SchoolGrantsfor Editorial Team and last updated on Wednesday 13th July 2011

Financial aid for students with disabilities is not easy to find. Often families overlook traditional forms of assistance in the hope that they will discover special funding for students with disabilities. While there are many programs designed especially to assist students with their studies, actual funding for education for students with disabilities is relatively difficult to obtain. That being said, there are some areas to research.

All public and many independent colleges provide services to disabled students including counseling, tutoring, readers, interpreters, note takers, special parking zones or the loan of special equipment. Your cost of attendance should include all expenses necessary to accommodate your disability that aren’t already covered by insurance or other sources. Be sure to work with each college’s financial aid office when you’re applying for admission.

First, apply for financial aid. See Applying for Financial Aid for all of the ins and outs.

Second, research private sources of funding. Any unique characteristic a student possesses can generally improve his or her opportunity to obtain funding. See Scholarship Searches for the best FREE scholarship searches available online.

Finally, remember that there are many federal and state initiatives to help Americans with disabilities. A terrific place to start looking is at www.disability.gov

Seeking a post-secondary education despite physical or mental limitations is to be commended and we at Financial Aid Resource Center are committed to continue to search for and provide resources to help you achieve your dreams. If you should know of any programs that help students with disabilities, please tell us about them so that we may spread the word.

For more information, contact your college’s disabled student office or the national or local organizations serving your particular disability. You may also contact the local office of your state’s department of rehabilitation. Or visit www.heath.gwu.edu to find the HEATH Resource Center’s online publication, Creating Options: Financial Aid for Students With Disabilities.