Financial aid notification (FAN)

"Financial aid notification (FAN)" submitted by SchoolGrantsfor Editorial Team and last updated on Thursday 14th July 2011

The Financial Aid Notification (FAN), also called Award Letter is a complete overview of the financial aid offered to students eligible to receive financial aid based on merit or need. FAN is the official notice of your financial aid award. The FAN also includes an average cost of attendance, which is used to determine financial aid eligibility. The FAN is not a bill or a statement of the student's account. For complete information about undergraduate, graduate and part-time tuition rates please see the complete fee schedule available from the Office of Student Accounts. Individual housing costs are available from the Office of Student Affairs.

New to the 2010-11 academic year, Financial Aid Notifications (FANs) will be sent electronically to all students. Beginning in late-March, students who complete the financial aid application process will receive notification via their e-mail account when the FAN can be accessed online. If you have been offered financial aid through The Office of Student Financial Services, you are required to indicate whether you want to accept, decline, or reduce the aid offered. The Electronic Financial Aid Notification (E-FAN) also allows you to report reduced hours or additional resources and/or scholarships received.

Please note that whenever a revision is made to your financial aid, you must submit a new E-FAN to indicate your award choices again. In order to begin the E-FAN activation process, you must have already been awarded financial aid, and you must have at least a medium-assurance EID.

Students should review the information on their FAN or E-FAN. Review each award letter very carefully and compare how much aid you can receive at each school. Once you accept a school’s award letter, sign it and return it to the school for processing. Students must complete a Financial Aid Response form and return it to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. You should: