Financial Aid Packet

"Financial Aid Packet" submitted by SchoolGrantsfor Editorial Team and last updated on Monday 9th January 2012

Your Financial Aid Application packet for the academic year contains all the information you need to know regarding the Financial Aid Process including paperwork and policies pertaining to financial aid at your school, what financial aid options are available to you, and the rules that apply toward all sorts of financial aid programs. This packet available from the Financial Aid Office that contains the FAFSA, Scholarship Application, and Supplemental Worksheet.

Start out by reading the Application Packet Cover Letter and the Financial Aid Instructions, and then move on to the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet. That way, you’ll have all the information you need in front of you when you’re ready to complete the FAFSA. The FAFSA on the Web Worksheet lists all the questions in the same order as they appear on the online FAFSA. English and Spanish versions are available starting in November or December from your school or at You can also order a Braille version of the worksheet by calling 800.433.3243. It is advisable you to complete the FAFSA online at Applying online is the fastest and easiest way to apply. Use the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet to write down your information prior to completing the online form. You can print a copy of the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet at

It serves as an introduction to the financial aid process and an important source of additional instructions about the application process. This document contains instructions for the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and information about other aspects of the financial aid application process. This packet will also include the Application for Scholarship. In addition to completing the forms in this packet, all students should review the Scholarships page.

The financial aid packet includes the Financial Aid Application (formerly Student Information and Supplementary Information sheets), applicant checklist, important dates, FAQs, IRS Form 4506-T, IRS Form 1040 to PFS cross-reference sheet, policies and instructions for completing the application process. This packet also contains the information from School and Student Services program provided by the National Association of Independent Schools (SSS by NAIS), an independent service that Mid-Pacific Institute utilizes. Follow the instructions in the Financial Aid Application Packet to complete and mail the application, along with all required forms and documents, to SSS.

Parents are required to complete the SSS Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) application by mailing the original directly to SSS or by completing the PFS online at . Your Institute's financial aid application packet explains in detail other documentation, such as tax returns, W-2s, etc., that are required by the school, and to whom documents should be sent. It is recommended that the PFS form be completed online as results are sent to the school quicker.

For new incoming students, please check the appropriate box on the last page of the admissions application and financial aid forms will be mailed to you; or send an email to to request a financial aid packet.

Following the eligibility verification process, you will receive a financial aid award packet containing:

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