Indirect Costs

"Indirect Costs" submitted by SchoolGrantsfor Editorial Team and last updated on Friday 22nd July 2011

These are expenses you also need to consider:

Books/Supplies: Book costs vary, depending on which courses you take. If used books are available, purchasing them is a great way to reduce costs. You also may be required to buy course materials, printing, copying and computer costs.

Computer: Check the school's admissions requirements to see if you are required to have a PC. If so, look for any other costs, such as hooking up to the school's network.

Room/Board: You may have the option of choosing to live off-campus. You will need to consider monthly rent, furnishings, utilities and groceries. Sharing an apartment with other students is also an effective way to share expenses.

Transportation: Things to Consider: Will you be driving to school every day? Fuel, insurance, parking permits, traveling back and forth to visit family at home. Many students car pool to reduce travel costs.

Personal Expenses: Here's where you really need to focus on evaluating and prioritizing expenses associated with your lifestyle. Consider: laundry, clothing, entertainment, telephone calls, personal hygiene products, etc.