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Under federal law you and your family are primarily responsible for paying for your college expenses. To determine how much your family can afford to pay toward your college expenses, we must collect your financial information and, if you are a dependent student, we must also collect your parents’ financial information.

Under very limited circumstances, an otherwise dependent student may be able to submit the FAFSA without parental information due to special circumstances. Before you proceed to skip the parental section of your FAFSA, consider the following:

Examples of special circumstances where you may be able to submit your FAFSA without providing parental information include:

Not all situations are considered a special circumstance. The following are situations that would not be considered a special circumstance:

It is important to note:

You will have to provide documentation to verify your situation. Gather as much written evidence of your situation as you can. Written evidence may include court or law enforcement documents, letters from a clergy member, school counselor or social worker, and/or any other relevant data that explains your special circumstance.

After reviewing your circumstances carefully, your FAA will decide if you must provide parental information or if your circumstances allow you to proceed without providing parental data. Your FAA’s decision is final and cannot be appealed to us.

What if I’m a dependent student but my parents are divorced or separated?

Do I report stepparents’ information?

Your stepparent’s financial information is required on the FAFSA:
If the parent you received financial support from was a single parent who is now married; or If the parent you received financial support from was divorced or widowed but has remarried. This does not mean your stepparent is obligated to give financial assistance to you, but his or her income and assets represent significant information about the family’s financial resources. Including this information on the FAFSA helps us form an accurate picture of your family’s total financial strength.

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