What is Private Education Loan? How are Private Loans Different? Know The Repayment Terms and Conditions, also called alternative loans

"What is Private Education Loan? How are Private Loans Different? Know The Repayment Terms and Conditions, also called alternative loans" submitted by SchoolGrantsfor Editorial Team and last updated on Monday 9th January 2012

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Tuition increases during the last 20 years are forcing some families to rely on alternative financing to bridge the gap between available funds and school costs. Private loans are one of these alternatives. If you don't qualify for a federal loan, or if what you were awarded won't cover expenses, a private loan might work for you. Check with your school's financial aid office for a recommendation on a private loan lender recommendation.

What is "Private Loan/Personal Loan/ Alternative Loan"?

Private loans are offered directly from the lender that is not secured by any property. Uninsured educational loan funded by a lending institution. As opposed to federal educational loans that are insured by the government. Private loans are also called personal student loan or alternative loans. While these may be taken in replacement of federal (Stafford) loans, the most common use is as a supplement to Federal loan funds. Be careful when comparing different private loans. Fees and terms vary from loan to loan and aren't as easy to interpret as federal Stafford loans. Private loan calculator can help you make your decision.

How are Private Loans Different?

Private loans, also called personal loans, are different because they vary from loan to loan. Unlike Stafford loans, private loans aren't as easy to compare because loan terms can vary widely, even between similar looking loans. Private loans are not federal loans, and are often structured differently than federal loans:

For more details check Federal Student Loans vs. Private Loans

Questions to Ask When Comparing Private Loans

Answers to the following questions will help you evaluate alternative loans and make the best choice for your borrowing needs.


Interest Rate and Fees

Repayment Terms and Conditions

Borrower Benefits


Personal student loans are another financial option you have available if you still have an outstanding balance on your cost of college bottom line. Personal student loans, not sponsored by the government, pay for higher education. The loans are most often used to cover costs of education beyond the amount given in federal financial aid. The use of personal student loans has grown rapidly over the years. Consider personal loans as a last resort, a subset of private student loans. This family of financial products is due some respect: approach them when you are completely apprised of their requirements and contingencies.

Sallie Mae offers three loans that could be considered personal student loans: Signature Student Loan, Tuition Answer Loan, and Signature Student Loan for Community College. These products illustrate the variety of financial products to which you could have access. Each is packaged with distinctive features and slightly different requirements designed to give you financial flexibility.

Find All Available Student Private Education Loans. Use this list for the most popular private student loans and private consolidation loans.

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